Vision 2016

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May 9-11, 2016
Orlando, Florida | Bonnet Creek

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With over 200 sessions spanning 5 tracks at Vision 2015, we wanted to make sure you have the resources you need to continue your learning. Get a firsthand look into the newest innovations in IBM Cognos TM1, IBM Cognos Disclosure Management, IBM Controller, IBM Sales Performance Management, IBM OpenPages Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, and IBM SPSS products.

Browse the tracks below to find yours and find resources to leverage and share with your peers.

Financial & operational performance management

This track demonstrates how organizations can establish a dynamic, reliable performance management system to help anticipate performance gaps, assess alternatives, enable effective decision making, and enterprise-wide mobilization. Learn how finance teams are using IBM Business Analytics solutions to improve their performance reporting and scorecarding, planning, analysis and forecasting, profitability modeling and optimization. Hear from leading companies and IBM subject matter experts about how to apply advanced technology and best practices to drive stronger business insight through analytics.

Online Demo: IBM Cognos Business Intelligence in Action

See what's new and exciting in Cognos Business Intelligence. The overview is an animated video about the Cognos family and others are demonstrations of enhanced features.

Video: Analyze the Past and Present to Shape Your Future

Discover how organizations have benefited by combining BI with predictive analytics.

Analyst Research: Ventana Research

Advanced analytics enhances business intelligence: Robust new technology enables better decision-making.

White paper: Business intelligence for everyone in your organization of everyone who needs it

Learn how Cognos is right-sized for individuals, workgroups or enterprises.

IBM Cognos TM1

Now available on the cloud! IBM Cognos® TM1® is an enterprise planning software platform that can transform your entire planning cycle, from target setting and budgeting to reporting, scorecarding, analysis and forecasting.

IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

IBM® Cognos® Disclosure Management is a secure, collaborative, enterprise-scalable reporting and process automation solution that enables users to merge enterprise data with focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment.

Sales performance management

Sales Performance Management (SPM) encompasses a number of solutions that enable companies to automate incentive compensation calculations, streamline the assignment of sales territories, manage the collection & approval of quotas, and reports and analyze sales performance. This track brings together customers, IBM product professionals and industry experts to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of their investment in IBM SPM software.

eBook: Sales Performance Management (SPM) for Dummies

This book can help you understand the importance of Sales Performance Management (SPM), the key components of an SPM system, and the guidelines to evaluate the best SPM solution that fits your organization’s needs.

Video: Get a better handle on your sales compensation programs

See how IBM Incentive Compensation Management can increase accuracy, reduce costs and drive sales performance.

Demo: IBM Producer Lifecycle and Credential Management

See how IBM Producer Lifecycle and Credential Management helps insurance carriers automate and streamline the business processes associated with producer and agency on-boarding, producer and agency administration, producer self-service, hierarchy management, credential management, and credential validation.

Infographic: SPM for Tomorrow's Leaders: How To Build a Best-In-Class Sales Employee Lifecycle

Learn how top performers deploy effective Sales Performance Management (SPM) initiatives to create a win-win for all parties: sellers, managers, companies, and customers. Check out some statistics on how Best-in-Class companies are compared to all others.

Infographic: The Value of Automating Sales Compensation

Learn how using sales compensation management can effectively add to the success of the entire organization.

Finacial & close disclosure management

Discover how integrated IBM performance management solutions accelerate the financial close, consolidate and report processes while ensuring timely and accurate reporting, including internal and management reports, regulatory filings, global statutory and tax reports, compliance with global XBRL filing requirements and new global lease accounting standards. Learn how IBM solutions can automate the assembly of your recurring internal and external presentations and reports– from collecting data from cross-functional managers, to time-consuming data updates, to narrative commentary, to the inclusion of analytics – with process flow and an audit trail. These sessions will also explore new ways to converge various data sources (including BI and TM1 data) and commentary for faster, more accurate reporting.

Data Sheet: IBM Cognos Disclosure Management: Collaborative report production management

Learn how Cognos Disclosure Management helps finance teams merge enterprise data and narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment--with integrated XBRL tagging.

Cloud Solution Brief: IBM Cognos Disclosure Management on Cloud: Scalable report production management with rapid time to value

Learn how Cognos Disclosure Management on Cloud provides all the functionality of the on-premise version in a deployment model that accelerates time-to-value.

White paper: Management Reporting - Let’s stop reinventing the wheel

Learn how an automated approach can save you time on the logistics of report assembly—and give you more time for performance analysis.

White paper: Disclosure Management for budgeting, planning and forecasting -The next frontier

Extend the productivity gains provided by disclosure management solutions to your budgeting, planning and forecasting.

Transform Finance Operations with IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

Discover how you can transform the way you collaborate across the enterprise to collect data and merge it with robust analysis and insights using IBM Cognos Disclosure Management.

IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

Learn how you can extend the narrative reporting capabilities of your entire organization--while maintaining auditability and control.

eBook: Close, Consolidate & Report

Use this book to understand why integrating and unifying your closing, consolidating, and reporting process is critical.

Data Sheet: IBM Cognos Controller: Full financial close management – in a solution managed by the office of finance

IBM Cognos Controller is financial software for the close, consolidate, report and file process. It provides accurate, auditable financial data in an automated, menu-driven solution managed by the office of finance.

Data Sheet: IBM Cognos Controller - Standard Reports

IBM Cognos Controller saves you time and money with preconfigured, standard reports that provide out-of-the-box functionality throughout the close cycle.

Govemance,risk, & compliance

This track demonstrates how the capabilities of IBM OpenPages and other IBM Smarter Risk solutions can help your company build trust, drive profitable growth and address the increasing demands for regulatory compliance in today’s volatile and complex marketplace. Network with your peers and hear from leading risk and compliance practitioners and professionals how to break down organizational silos and embed risk management and governance into the corporate culture. Discover how top organizations are making business processes more effective by equipping front-line decision makers to make risk-aware decisions with actionable risk intelligence. Learn how to implement best practices and business intelligence reporting with hands on labs and workshops. Don't miss this opportunity to share perspectives and find out how IBM is driving the future of GRC!

Video: Using Watson Analytics to analyze loss events from the IBM Openpages GRC Platform

See how Watson Analytics takes OpenPages GRC data and automatically does the hard math to show you the most relevant facts, patterns and relationships.

White paper: Operational risk management in the world of big data

Drawing on current IBM research in the field of big data, this white paper reveals how operational risk solutions can harness the potential of big data in its four dimensions to enable a risk-aware enterprise, enhance profits and drive long-term growth.

Infographic: Mitigating IT risk at the enterprise level with actionable governance

IT oversight and governance can no longer be limited to a single department, but must be propogated throughout business lines and ultimately to senior management and the Board.

Customer Case Study: Deposito Central de Valores DCV keeps business-wide risk under constant control with IBM OpenPages

DCV implemented a fully integrated risk management solution based on IBM OpenPages software to constantly monitor the status of all risks and controls across the company.

Customer Case Study: Deposito Central de Valores DCV keeps business-wide risk under constant control with IBM OpenPages

DCV implemented a fully integrated risk management solution based on IBM OpenPages software to constantly monitor the status of all risks and controls across the company.

White paper: The Game Changes - 10 Essential Elements for Truly Effective Compliance Programs

This white paper outlines some key themes that give organizations greater clarity in developing highly effective and efficient compliance programs.

Cloud-based solutions for business insight

With analytics delivered on cloud through software as a service (SaaS), organizations and users can take advantage of the full breadth of financial and sales performance management, governance, risk and compliance capabilities—but with the speed and agility of a cloud-based solution. Learn how the availability of on-cloud deployment enables organizations to choose the best delivery mechanism for their corporate environment without sacrificing capabilities or limiting future deployment options. See how to deploy SaaS analytics solutions: add new capabilities and users as needed while minimizing the costs related to capital equipment, software licenses and IT infrastructure and support.

IBM Business Analytics in the Cloud

With IBM Business Analytics software in the cloud, your business analytics deployments—from business intelligence to predictive analytics—can be up and running in less time and use fewer resources than traditional deployments.

White Paper: Business analytics in the cloud

Change the game. Use cloud analytics for innovation.

White Paper: Partially cloudy: the benefits of hybrid deployment models

With advancements in technology, installed versus cloud options are no longer black and white.

Demo: IBM Cloud solutions for Financial and Operational Performance Management

See how IBM Cloud solutions can help you accelerate critical business decisions with real time, collaborative, mobile capabilities.

Built for your success: discover new IBM solutions

Discover our new Industry Analytics Solutions - pre-built to solve specific industry challenges with predictive analytics, and deliver transformative insights.