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Information for Varicent customers as they transition to the IBM.

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IBM is pleased to announce a new Cognos Sales Performance Management (SPM) Client Success Portal.

Coming Soon!

SPM Customer Success will be hosting a webinar demonstrating the new Portal’s features and functions.

Until then, please reference the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) below:

Q – When does the transition to the IBM Client Success Portal take place?
A – April 28, 2014

Q – When can I login to the IBM Client Success Portal and check out what is new?
A – The site is not live until April 28, 2014. On April 28, we look forward to you logging in and viewing the new IBM Client Success Portal.

Q – What happens to my “Varicent” support tickets?
A – All cases submitted as of January 1, 2012 will be migrated to the new portal on April 28, 2014.

Q – Who will work on my tickets?
A – The same “Varicent” Support Analysts will be working on your tickets and ensuring your ongoing success.

Q – Who do I call if I want to speak with someone immediately?
A – While logging tickets via the IBM Client Success Portal is the best way to contact Support, customers in North America can call 1-800-IBM-SERV (1-800-426-7378). Customers outside of North America will find a directory of worldwide contacts on the IBM Planet Wide Directory.

Q – What is my IBM Customer Number (ICN) and why is it important?
A – When using IBM’s phone options, customers will need their ICN. If you do not know your ICN, contact your Customer Advocate or you can contact the Business Analytics Client Care team at

Q – Will ticket response times change after the transition?
A – Standard response time objectives remain unchanged:
Severity 1: 2 hours (24X7)
Severity 2 - 4: 2 business hours

Q – Am I required to call a Support telephone number in a Severity 1 situation?
A – The first course of action is always to log a Support ticket online for a Severity 1 issue. As a best practice, we recommend you also call the Support phone number provided for your region. Calling will ensure a Support Analyst is also notified by phone. In order to properly route calls via the new phone process, all customers will be required to have their ICN.

Q – When I call the Support telephone number, who will I speak with first?
A – When calling IBM Support, you will reach an IBM call center representative, who will collect basic identification and issue information prior to routing your case to a Cognos SPM Technical Analyst.

Q – Where can I get more detailed information about doing business with IBM including such items as my IBM Customer Number, Primary Contact and Site Number?
A – Visit Customer Center Home and reference the Customer Experience PowerPoint and the Doing Business with IBM link for valuable information relating to your partnership with IBM.

Q – Can I still access the Varicent Assist Support portal?
A – Customers may use our current Support Portal until April 27, 2014. Effective April 28, 2014, Varicent Assist Support Portal and the associated phone number will be inactive and all customers will use the new IBM Client Success Portal.