Business Analytics Product Training

Learn from the best

All Business Analytics training can be purchased as an Enterprise Learning License (ELL). An ELL is a complete course, created by our technical experts, and ready for immediate use within your organization. This solution offers an economical way to train the entire user base, both technical & functional. It promotes wide user adoption and improves efficiency by helping more users become proficient with Business Analytics software.

  • eLearning

    eLearning License

    A license for unlimited use of Business Analytics e-learning training material with no need of users audit. Standard training packages are available for a range of topics, and for a range of job roles, from IT and business analysts, to end users.

  • Course materials

    Course Material License

    A license for unlimited use of high quality classroom training materials with Right to Copy and Right to modify options deployable in self-paced and instructor led formats.

  • Library

    Learning Library

    Learning libraries provide a cost effective and convenient way to train your user community. These involve a one-time purchase for unlimited use with customization and translation options.

  • Optimization


    Toolkits for Customization & Translation are available to quickly enable your users and modify the standard content to meet your specific business requirements.

The training materials are in a variety of modalities ranging from instructor-led to self-study with flexible deployment options. You can also customize the courseware to fit your particular Business Analytics application, data and environment.