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All Business Analytics learning is available for enterprises with an Enterprise Learning License (ELL). An ELL is a complete course, created by our technical experts, and ready for immediate use within your organization. This solution offers an economical way to train the entire user base, both technical & functional. It promotes wide user adoption and improves efficiency by helping more users become proficient with Business Analytics software. Business Analytics Software Services can even provide timely “Train the Trainer” sessions to quickly spread adoption by your global users.

Learning Libraries – A convenient, self-service training option

The Learning Libraries helps train users that are widely dispersed but need to receive consistent, high-quality training. These are pre-packaged sets of Cognos V10.1, SPSS Statistics and SPSS Modeler Web-based training (WBT) courses. Learning libraries provide a cost effective and convenient way to train your user community. These involve a one-time purchase for unlimited use and are sold for national and global audiences.

Materials License – Deliver your own training

Learning License for instructor-led courseware provides all the material needed for you to deliver customized training in an economical way—it’s the same course material which is available in a public classroom setting. It gives you the right to copy, modify, and present course material to students within your organization an unlimited number of times. The benefits of this License are –

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