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IBM Software Accelerated Value Program helps unlock the value of your IBM middleware software and strengthens your IT infrastructure throughout the life cycle. Experts are dedicated to provide proactive as well as reactive services, and AVP teams coordinate availability of all IBM resources. These specialists have expertise in your specific IT environment.

  • AV Leader

    AV Leader

    Accelerated Value Leader helps manage support activities with planning, proactive assistance, strategic advising, situation management, and reporting.

  • AV Developer

    AV Developer

    Accelerated Value Developer helps develop and deploy customized solutions based on your business requirements.

  • AV Specialist

    AV Specialist

    Accelerated Value Specialist provides issue resolution with deep technical skills, risk mitigation, fix advice, and diagnostic coaching.


The Accelerated Value team comprises of Senior technical and support specialists with deep detailed product and trouble-shooting knowledge. They will help reduce the frequency and severity of software problems through proactive alerts and actions.  Faster issue resolution of your software problems and a healthy software environment will be the primary objectives of our experts.

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