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Reasons to upgrade your IBM Cognos software

Each new release of Cognos software offers increased usability, performance and a host of new features that can improve your organization's outcomes. See what you’ve been missing, then contact us to upgrade today.

Read the analyst reportNucleus Research: The value of IBM Subscription and Support
Investing in IBM Subscription and Support helps customers increase the ROI of their analytics projects and reduce project cycle times, cost and risk.
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What's new in Cognos software

  • Cognos Controller

    Cognos Controller

  • Cognos Disclosure Management

    Cognos Disclosure Management

  • IBM Cognos Enterprise

    Cognos Enterprise

  • IBM Cognos Express

    Cognos Express

  • Cognos Insight

    Cognos Insight

  • Cognos TM1

    Cognos TM1