IBM SPSS Statistics is an integrated family of products that offers a rich set of capabilities for every stage of the analytical process. Choose from a broad range of tools, tests and techniques—so you can quickly and confidently perform any type of analysis. The modules in the IBM SPSS Statistics family can either be purchased individually, or bundled to fit your needs.

SPSS Statistics modules

IBM SPSS Statistics Base forms the foundation for many types of statistical analyses, allowing a quick look at data and its easy preparation for analysis. Easily build charts with sophisticated reporting capabilities, formulate hypotheses for additional testing, clarify relationships between variables, create clusters, identify trends and make predictions.

IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics makes analysis and conclusions more accurate when working with complex relationships in data, it offers powerful and sophisticated univariate and multivariate analysis techniques.

IBM SPSS Bootstrapping makes testing the stability and reliability of your models easy.

IBM SPSS Categories provides tools to obtain clear insight into complex categorical, numerical and high-dimensional data. Understand which characteristics consumers relate most closely to your brand, or determine customer perception of your products compared to others.

IBM SPSS Complex Samples incorporates complex sample designs into data analysis, with specialized planning tools and statistics, reducing the risk of reaching incorrect or misleading inferences for stratified, clustered or multistage sampling. This module is indispensable for survey and market researchers, public opinion researchers or social scientists seeking to reach more accurate conclusions when working with sample survey methodology.

IBM SPSS Conjoint helps market researchers develop successful products, giving a realistic way to measure how individual attributes affect people’s preferences. When used with competitive product market research for your new products, you are less likely to overlook product dimensions that are important to your customers or constituents, and more likely to successfully meet their needs.

IBM SPSS Custom Tables combines comprehensive analytical capabilities with interactive table-building features to help you easily understand your data and quickly summarize your results in appropriate styles for different audiences. Use IBM SPSS Custom Tables to present survey, customer satisfaction, polling and compliance reporting results.

IBM SPSS Data Preparation gives analysts advanced techniques to streamline the data preparation stage of the analytical process, prior to analysis. While basic data preparation tools are included in IBM SPSS Statistics Base, IBM SPSS Data Preparation provides specialized techniques to prepare your data for more accurate analyzes and results.

IBM SPSS Decision Trees helps you better identify groups, discover relationships between them and predict future events through the exploration of results and visual determination of how your model flows. Create visual classification and decision trees directly within the Statistics suite of products and present results in an intuitive manner.

IBM SPSS Direct Marketing helps marketers perform various kinds of analyses easily, without requiring a detailed understanding of statistics. Understand your customers in greater depth, improve your marketing campaigns and maximize the ROI of your marketing budget.

IBM SPSS Exact Tests enables you to use small samples and still feel confident about the results. With the money saved using smaller sample sizes, you can conduct surveys or test direct marketing programs more often. More than 30 exact tests, which cover the entire spectrum of nonparametric and categorical data problems for small or large datasets, are included.

IBM SPSS Forecasting enables analysts to predict trends and develop forecasts quickly and easily—without being an expert statistician. IBM SPSS Forecasting has the advanced statistical techniques needed to work with time-series data regardless of your level of expertise.

IBM SPSS Missing Values finds relationships between any missing values in your data and other variables. Missing data can seriously affect your models—and your results. Used by survey researchers, social scientists, data miners and market researchers to validate data.

IBM SPSS Neural Networks offers non-linear data modeling procedures that enable you to discover more complex relationships in your data. Choose from algorithms that can be used for classification (categorical outcomes) and prediction (numerical outcomes) to develop more accurate and effective predictive models that provide deeper insight and better decision-making.

IBM SPSS Regression enables you to predict categorical outcomes and apply a wide range of nonlinear regression procedures. Effective where ordinary regression techniques are limiting or inappropriate: For example, studying consumer buying habits or responses to treatments, measuring academic achievement, and analyzing credit risks.


By selecting an edition from the Statistics family, you will have multiple modules and integrated functionality at your fingertips, instantly. Academic users: Learn more about specially priced academic editions.

IBM SPSS Statistics Standard
IBM SPSS Statistics Base, IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics, IBM SPSS Custom Tables and IBM SPSS Regression

IBM SPSS Statistics Professional
IBM SPSS Statistics Base, IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics, IBM SPSS Categories, IBM SPSS Custom Tables, IBM SPSS Data Preparation, IBM SPSS Decision Trees, IBM SPSS Forecasting, IBM SPSS Missing Values and IBM SPSS Regression

IBM SPSS Statistics Premium
IBM SPSS Statistics Base, IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics, IBM SPSS Bootstrapping, IBM SPSS Categories, IBM SPSS Complex Samples, IBM SPSS Conjoint, IBM SPSS Custom Tables, IBM SPSS Data Preparation, IBM SPSS Decision Trees, IBM SPSS Direct Marketing, IBM SPSS Exact Tests, IBM SPSS Forecasting, IBM SPSS Missing Values, IBM SPSS Neural Networks, IBM SPSS Regression, and IBM SPSS Amos.

Technical specifications

IBM SPSS Statistics Base and all modules are available in English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Korean and Russian.

Products can be installed as client-only software but, for greater performance and scalability, server-based versions are also available. Both client and server are available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Server versions also run IBM System z hardware using the Linux operating system.

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