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IBM SPSS Statistics Features

SPSS Statistics is loaded with powerful analytic techniques and time-saving features to help you quickly and easily find new insights in your data, so you can make more accurate predictions and achieve better outcomes for your organization.

Here's a look at the features and techniques you'll find in the latest release. They're designed to help you make data-driven decisions anytime, anywhere; build more accurate models for greater predictive insight, get analytical results faster and work more productively.

View interactive output on smart devices

Take your SPSS Statistics charts and tables wherever you go and make decisions anytime, anywhere. Now view output on the following platforms and devices without a dedicated SmartReader or other application:

You can also export your SPSS Statistics output as .mht (Cognos Active Report) files, which can be opened using the IBM Cognos Mobile app (available on iPad only).

Generate presentation-ready output quickly and easily

Making your SPSS Statistics output ready for presentation is easier than ever.

Add predictive power to your plans, budgets and forecasts

Integration with IBM® Cognos® TM1 now enables you to import TM1 cubes into SPSS Statistics and use powerful statistical techniques to create more accurate plans, budgets, and forecasts. When your analysis is complete, you can export your data back into Cognos TM1 to deliver new business insights to decision-makers throughout your organization.

Improve model building using Monte Carlo simulation

Monte Carlo simulation is enhanced to help you build more accurate predictive models when inputs are uncertain, including:

Get better performance and scalability using SPSS Statistics Server

SPSS Statistics Server includes SQL pushback to help you make the best use of your existing IT infrastructure. Now you can perform data transformations without moving data into and out of the proprietary format, helping you conserve resources, deliver results faster and reduce overall IT costs. Other SPSS Statistics Server updates include:

Simplify custom programming

We've added features to make programming in SPSS Statistics easier than ever:

Do more work in less time

SPSS Statistics 22 includes productivity enhancements to help you work faster and more efficiently:

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