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SPSS Modeler Gold on CloudSPSS Modeler Gold on Cloud

Improve outcomes and decisions with predictive analytics

IBM SPSS Modeler is an extensive predictive analytics platform that is designed to bring predictive intelligence to decisions made by individuals, groups, systems and the enterprise. By providing a range of advanced algorithms and techniques that include text analytics, entity analytics, decision management and optimization, SPSS Modeler can help you consistently make the right decisions—from the desktop or within operational systems.

IBM SPSS Modeler Products

  • Gold

    SPSS Modeler Gold

    Build and deploy predictive models directly into your business processes so people and systems can make the right decisions every time. Analytical decision management combines predictive analytics with rules, scoring and optimization in your organization’s processes and operational systems to provide recommended actions at the point of impact. And with SPSS Modeler Gold on Cloud, these capabilities are available as a web-based monthly subscription service.

  • SPSS Modeler Premium

    SPSS Modeler Premium

    Address a multitude of business problems and analytics requirements with a range of advanced algorithms and capabilities. SPSS Modeler Premium capabilities such as text analytics, entity analytics and social network analysis, along with automated modeling and preparation techniques, help you unlock insights from almost any type of data.

  • SPSS Modeler Professional

    SPSS Modeler Professional

    Uncover hidden patterns in structured data. SPSS Modeler Professional provides advanced algorithms, data manipulation and automated modeling and preparation techniques to build predictive models that can help you deliver better business outcomes.

  • Modeler Personal

    SPSS Modeler Personal

    Design and build predictive models from your desktop. SPSS Modeler Personal helps you solve business problems faster by revealing patterns and trends in your structured data, for deeper insights into your customers or constituents.

  • IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics Enterprise

    SPSS Predictive Analytics Enterprise

    Optimize your decision-making at the point of impact with a single, multifaceted predictive analytics solution that includes SPSS Modeler.

Integrate SPSS Modeler with other IBM SPSS products for more powerful solutions

  • SPSS Analytic Server

    SPSS Modeler and SPSS Analytic Server

    Develop and deploy predictive analytics over big data without extensive technical skills or coding. The combination of SPSS Modeler and SPSS Analytic Server creates a predictive analytics solution that can distribute analytics processing into Hadoop environments. As a result, you can analyze all kinds of data from throughout your organization.

  • IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services

    SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services

    Make collaboration between analytic developers and users easier. Automate and integrate ongoing analytical processes and deploy scores and models at the point of impact. Improve analytics efficiency, consistently see better results and ultimately increase your ROI.

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