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ADP Customer Video

Hear how ADP manages its sales force strategically and maintains it leadership position by adding IBM SPSS predictive analytics to a suite of Cognos Business Intelligence.

Applying Analytics to the Social Customer

Erick Brethenoux discusses how companies can apply predictive analytics to learn more about the social customer.

First Tennessee Bank boosts profitability with IBM SPSS software

Detailed insights from IBM SPSS and IBM Cognos business analytics software help First Tennessee employees provide the right products to the right customers at the right time.

GfK Case Study Video

Hear how a leading U.K. market research firm won clients by making online surveys available on mobile devices, using IBM SPSS Data Collection software.

IBM SPSS Data Collection

A complete technology platform to deliver surveys in many modes, over any channel, in many languages, from any location.

IBM SPSS Data Collection Multi-Modal Video

IBM SPSS Data Collection helps market research organizations easily create, field, collect and analyze data.

IBM SPSS Decision Management for Financial Aid Management

SPSS predictive analytics can help identify potential loan receipients most likely to graduate and not default, as well as find aid applications most likely to be fraudulent.

IBM SPSS Direct Marketing Module

The analytical toolkit marketers need to easily identify the right customers and improve campaign results.

IBM SPSS Modeler Overview

IBM SPSS Modeler is a powerful, versatile data and text analytics workbench. Build accurate predictive models quickly and intuitively, without programming. Use data to understand the current state of your organization and get a view into the future.

IBM SPSS Predictive Customer Analytics

Predictive customer analytics uses business information to accurately predict what today's and tomorrow's customer wants.

IBM SPSS Solutions for Predictive Operational Analytics

IBM SPSS Solutions for Predictive Operational Analytics are designed to help you manage your physical and virtual assets, maintain your infrastructure and capital equipment and maximize the efficiency of your people, processes, and assets.

IBM SPSS Solutions for Warranty Analytics

Your warranty program could be costing more than it should. SPSS predictive analytics solutions can help lower overall costs, improve productivity and reduce fraudulent claims.

IBM SPSS Student Retention

The predictive analytics capabilities of IBM SPSS Decision Management for Student Retention can address the challenge of student retention.

Infinity Insurance

With the power of Predictive Analytics, Infinity Insurance saves millions by predicting fraudulent claims.

Introduction to Predictive Analytics

Learn more about what IBM SPSS predictive analytics solutions offer business decision makers.

Market Research - Becoming an Insight Partner

This presentation shows how market researchers can make the transformation to becoming a strategic advisor through data mining, text analytics and real-time decisioning.

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value for Marketing

Maximize marketing outcomes into the future with IBM SPSS predictive analytics solutions

Predictive Treatment Analysis

IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics can help researchers, doctors, and other healthcare providers.

Princess Cruises boost marketing effectiveness with IBM SPSS software

A broad array of IBM SPSS business analytics software helps Princess Cruises double the responses from its marketing campaigns and predict which of its customers will say "yes" to another chance to "Escape Completely."

The Future of Statistics, Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Jing Shyr, Chief Statistician and Distinguished Engineer at IBM, discusses the future of statistics, data mining and predictive analytics.

Virtual Computer Lab Licensing for Higher Education

See how the Virtual Computer Lab Licensing option offers colleges and universities greater flexibility in making IBM SPSS software more broadly available for teaching and learning.

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