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Banking Campaign Insight and Optimization

Want your marketing to deliver more high-quality leads and build a loyal, profitable customer base? This video shows how you can do it – with IBM SPSS predictive analytics.

Business Analytics: Statistics Overview Demonstration

Geared toward business analysts, this Flash presentation gives a high level view of the benefits of IBM SPSS Statistics to analyze customer data.

Call Center Analytics Demo

Predictive analytics improve call center operations

Cognos Consumer Insight and SPSS Predictive Analytics

Use data from predictive analytics to target or calibrate marketing activities

Creating maps in IBM SPSS Statistics 20

This recorded demonstration shows how to create maps with your data in IBM SPSS Statistics 20.

Customer Lifetime Value for IT

With technology underpinning much of the customer experience, IT and marketing must adopt new technologies to innovate and grow revenues. This 2-minute online video shows how IBM Predictive Analytics enable marketers while reducing the burden on IT.

Decision Management Demo

Flash demonstration video showing how IBM SPSS Decision Management software puts the power of predictive analytics in the hands of the business user.

Generalized Linear Mixed Models Demo

Discover how to use generalized linear mixed models (GLMM) with hierarchical data

Grow your profits with IBM SPSS Modeler

Use what you know about today's customers to grow tomorrow's profits.

Human Capital Management for Government

Find and keep the right people with IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics.

IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics and IBM SPSS Regression Overview Demo

An overview of the SPSS Statistics modules IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics and IBM SPSS Regression

IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services Demo

SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services demo that focuses on the collaboration aspects of the product

IBM SPSS Customer Analytics Overview

See how you can attract, grow and retain more customers by making your company more proactive instead of reactive.

IBM SPSS Customer Intimacy Solutions - Product Demo

Enhancing the customer experience with IBM SPSS Customer Intimacy solutions.

IBM SPSS Decision Management for Institutional Advancement

Fundraising for higher education is ever more difficult. SPSS predictive analytics can help you identify donors most likely to give and the most effective marketing messages.

IBM SPSS Modeler Banking Demo

Gain greater insight into the features and capabilities of IBM SPSS Modeler.

IBM SPSS Modeler Demonstration: Crime Prediction and Prevention

Demonstration of predictive policing

IBM SPSS Solutions for Crime Prediction and Prevention

Law enforcement departments must do more with less. Find out how adding IBM SPSS predictive analytics solutions can help maximize resources and result in better policing.

IBM SPSS Statistics Base and IBM SPSS Custom Tables Demonstration

A 20-minute walk through of the capabilities of IBM SPSS Statistics Base and IBM SPSS Custom Tables

IBM SPSS Statistics Product Overview

See why IBM SPSS Statistics is the world's leading statistical software. It lets you quickly look at your data, formulate hypotheses for additional testing and carry out many statistical and analytic procedures.

IBM SPSS Statistics v20 - Maps

Learn what's new about maps and see a production demonstration

IBM SPSS Survey Reporter 6.0

Gain greater insight into the features and capabilities of IBM SPSS Survey Reporter 6.0

IBM SPSS Survey Reporter Demo

View a product demonstration for IBM SPSS Survey Reporter version 6.0.

IBM SPSS Text Analytics Demonstration

Use text analytics to predict behavior

Improve Student Performance with IBM SPSS Decision Management

Gain an overview of the benefits of IBM SPSS Decision Management for Student Performance, an early diagnostic solution that empowers K-12 administrators and educators to help students achieve their full potential.

Predictive Analytics for Maintenance

Manufacturers are using IBM SPSS predictive analytics solutions to help them with maintenance operations throughout entire product lifecycle.

Predictive Analytics for the Retail Industry

Flash demonstration video showing how retailers are optimizing their businesses with the power of IBM Predictive Analytics.

Predictive Threat and Risk Analytics

Discover how to get ahead of and avoid threats and risks to your organization by taking proactive, preventative actions.

SPSS Statistics - The Analytic Professional

Flash demonstration showing how IBM SPSS Statistics is a powerful application that offers rich analytic capabilities throughout the analytic lifecycle.

Using IBM SPSS Statistics Standard

For understanding data quickly and easily

Using Modeler in Health and Human Services

This recorded demonstration gives an overview of IBM SPSS Modeler, focusing on ways it can be used in Health, Human and Social Services organizations

What's New in IBM SPSS Statistics 20?

Learn more about the themes of the IBM SPSS Statistics 20 release and view a product demonstration.

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Infographic: Staying on target

How to keep your nonprofit on target: Optimize fundraising. Improve programs and services. In 2012, for every $100 gained in new gifts, $96 was lost in lapsed gifts;
for every 100 donors gained, 105 were lost through attrition. What's keeping nonprofits from taking advantage of data they've already got? 69% say they don't have enough staff or time. 54% say their program isn't easily measurable. 40% say they don't have the right staff expertise.

See how predictive analytics can help you evaluate program effectiveness, collect meaningful feedback, strengthen relationships with donors and constituents, and optimize fundraising campaigns.