Download problems

Q. I want to download the IBM SPSS Statistics trial. Which item do I select?
A. Select the item that corresponds with your operating system. IBM SPSS Statistics is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Windows users: After you open the .zip file, you will need to select the file for your particular system .exe (for 32-bit) or .msi (for 64-bit). If in doubt, select the .exe option.

Q. The download is taking more than an hour. Is this normal?
A. The trial file is very large. Depending upon your internet connection, it could take quite some time to download. If you continue to experience problems, try downloading at an off-peak time or from a faster internet connection.

Q. The trial download will not finish. It shows 99% complete.
A. Change the method of download from Download Director to HTTP - or vice versa. This is done by selecting the tab for Download Director or HTTP seen above the file choices.

Q. I have successfully downloaded the trial, but I cannot find the program.
A. Sometimes, the installer does not add a shortcut to your desktop. If you are using a PC, go to the Start menu, and then click on All Programs. You should be able to find the IBM SPSS Statistics evaluation listed in your programs list. If you are using a Mac, IBM SPSS Statistics will be located in your Applications folder.

Installation problems

Q. I am having problems installing the trial. Can you help?
A. View the SPSS Statistics trial installation instructions for further assistance.

Specific error messages

Q. After selecting “Enable a temporary trial period,” I receive a message saying that I don't have a license. I am unable to use the trial.
A. Ensure that you have downloaded the trial that corresponds with your operating system. Windows users: After you open the .zip file, you will need to select the file for your particular system .exe (for 32-bit) or .msi (for 64-bit). If in doubt, select the .exe option.

Q. I can’t start the trial. I get the following message: Error #2085. The temporary period for running IBM SPSS Statistics without a license has expired. Use the License Authorization Wizard to contact SPSS for a license code. Execution of this command stops. Specific symptom number: 37
A. One or more of the following reasons may apply:

  1. Your 14-day trial period has expired for your installation.
  2. You may not have write permission to the lservrc file located in the SPSS directory. Please log in as a local Administrator and repeat the licensing process.
  3. An incorrect system date can sometimes cause this error message to occur. Check the system date/time on your machine and if it is incorrect, please reset to the current date and try running IBM SPSS Statistics again.
  4. The lservrc file may have two or more references to the IBM SPSS Statistics Base module. You may want to delete the line that refers to the earliest expiration date, save the lservrc file, and run IBM SPSS Statistics. We have found instances where IBM SPSS Statistics reads the first license for the base module, and if the expiration date for that base module has passed, IBM SPSS Statistics will return Error 2085.

Q. The trial won’t open. I get the following error message: Error #2070. The license server is down. Please check to see that the license server is running or ask your local site coordinator to check the license server. Execution of this command stops. Specific symptom number: 3
A. The program was installed as a network license and should be installed as a single user license. You will need to uninstall your current version, and reinstall selecting the single user option.

Q. I am able to install my IBM SPSS Statistics trial, but I cannot run the program. I get the following error: No temp.txt file available.
A. Either the .txt file was not created due to lack of permissions or the .txt file was not selected during the license process. If you are installing on Windows Vista or Windows 7, uninstall and reinstall by right clicking on the install file. Then, select run as administrator.

Q. I have not been able to access the temporary license code for IBM SPSS Statistics for Mac.
A. Double-click on the downloaded .dmg and you should see an .app file. Drag the .app file out of the folder onto your desktop. Double-click on the .app file. Please note that you may be prompted for your user name/password login credentials first. If this does not work, drag and drop the .app into the application folder and launch the installer from within that folder.

Other problems with the trial

Q. I installed the trial, but it keeps prompting me for a license code. I never received a code.
A. You do not need a code for the trial. When you open IBM SPSS Statistics, instead of clicking “License Software Now,” click “Enable for Temporary Usage.” If you decide to purchase the software, you will be given a code and should click the license software item.

Q. The trial is in a language that I do not want to use. How do I switch languages?
A. If you want to use the trial download in a language other than English, you must install the language packs trial. Once you have installed the language packs, you can change the language in the Regional Settings in the Control Panel.

Q. I am a student and would like an extension on the trial.
A. The 14-day trial is for business users who are evaluating the product for purchase. If you need IBM SPSS software for a class or to complete a project, please visit: where you will find links to buy or rent our software for the duration of your project.

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