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Empower smarter decision-making with predictive analytics

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Bridge the gap between data analysis and outcomes

College and university administrators make a host of critical decisions every day: how to manage enrollment efficiently, retain students, strengthen ties with alumni and donors, and keep their campuses safe, to name a few. Knowing which actions or interventions will lead to better outcomes in these areas can help them make the right decisions, every time. And that knowledge lies within their data.

IBM Predictive Analytics for Education empowers administrators to view all available data about students, faculty, donors, and alumni, and use it to predict outcomes in real time. This series of web-based analysis applications goes beyond static reports and dashboards, delivering recommended actions that can significantly improve student success and institutional effectiveness.

A single decision engine for your institution

IBM Predictive Analytics solutions combine the capabilities of core IBM SPSS technologies — a predictive analytics engine at the core of IBM SPSS Modeler, which also includes analytical decision management capability for local rules and optimization; and IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services, which provides scoring. Together, these technologies provide a powerful analytical foundation that enables users to make and adapt recommendations in real time—and maximize outcomes consistently.

You can deploy IBM Predictive Analytics for Education across every area of your college or university. The solution supports multiple applications at a single institution—so, if your school wants to improve both recruiting and retention efforts, you can maximize your investment for even greater impact.

The software’s simplicity makes it accessible to everyone. And because it is a "closed loop" solution, it continually incorporates valuable feedback into the decision-making process, using the results of today’s decisions to guide tomorrow’s outcomes. You can even use our cloud-based platform if you'd rather not purchase, host and administer the software.

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IBM Predictive Analytics for Education software can meet your institution’s decision-making needs in these critical areas.

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