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Improve program effectiveness, increase donations and reduce costs by using your own data to gain new insights

Determine which donors are the most valuable–and the best ways to engage them—with SPSS Predictive Fundraising Analytics.

Learn where your limited funds will do the most good— with SPSS Predictive Program Evaluation.


SPSS Predictive Fundraising Analytics Transforming Philanthropy with Fundraising Analytics
Alex Oftelie, IBM, describes how NonProfit organizations can determine which donors are the most valuable - and the best ways to engage them - with SPSS Predictive Fundraising Analytics.
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SPSS Predictive Fundraising Analytics IBM SPSS Predictive Fundraising Analytics for nonprofit
Discover how predictive analytics can help your nonprofit organization identify which prospective donors to target, and when and how to reach them.
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Infographic: Staying on target

How to keep your nonprofit on target: Optimize fundraising. Improve programs and services. In 2012, for every $100 gained in new gifts, $96 was lost in lapsed gifts;
for every 100 donors gained, 105 were lost through attrition. What's keeping nonprofits from taking advantage of data they've already got? 69% say they don't have enough staff or time. 54% say their program isn't easily measurable. 40% say they don't have the right staff expertise.

See how predictive analytics can help you evaluate program effectiveness, collect meaningful feedback, strengthen relationships with donors and constituents, and optimize fundraising campaigns.