Predictive Analytics for Crime Prediction and Prevention

Helping police departments know better

Cut crime rates, save time and reduce costs by using existing data to help know what’s coming—and when

Explore these resources for more information:

  • Crime Prediction and Prevention (white paper)

    See how predictive analytics can digest vast amounts of data-- from incident reports, witness statements, e-mail and chat room interactions—to help detect inadvertent criminal signatures and deliver real-time access to actionable information..

  • P

    Public Safety: From Sense and Respond to Predict and Act (white paper)

    Learn how police departments are using predictive analytics to uncover security threats in time to take action against them.

  • $

    City of Lancaster reduces crime by 42% over four years (ROI case study)

    See how the city of Lancaster is taking a predictive approach to policing, enhancing operational planning with deep insight into crime data and achieving an average of $1.34 million in cost savings.

  • Tennessee Highway Patrol (case study)

    Discover how the Tennessee Highway Patrol was able to improve DUI enforcement, seatbelt enforcement and boost its compliance rate—without adding new troopers.

  • Portland Police Bureau (case study)

    Find out how the Portland Police Bureau developed a predictive model to zero in on those suspects most likely to offend again, helping to prioritize and assign the most important cases to investigators—allowing them to better protect vulnerable families and the wider community.

  • Memphis Police Department (video) (on demand webinar) (case study)

    See how Larry Godwin, Deputy Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security—and former director of police services for the Memphis Police Department—used IBM predictive analytics to help that city achieve an 863% return on their investment over six years, while reducing crime rates and spending.

  • Confessions of a former crime analyst (on demand webinar)

    Tune in as IBM Technical Sales Specialist (and veteran crime analyst) Erica Reuter discusses what the latest predictive analytics technology can do today to help combat crime that wasn’t possible just a few years ago.

Catch them in the act. $1.34 million 1301%

Infographic: Get to the scene. Before the crime.

See how the City of Lancaster, CA, gained a better picture of where crimes were occurring—and where they were likely to occur. So they could save time and money by catching criminals in the act and prevent future crimes from ever happening.
View the infographic (PDF, 6.7MB)