Crime Prediction and Prevention

IBM SPSS Crime Predictive Analytics
Combat crime before it even happens

Cut crime rates, save time and reduce costs by using existing data to see what’s coming—and when

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Public Safety Public Safety: From Sense and Respond to Predict and Act (white paper)
Using predictive analytics to uncover security threats in time to take action against them.

Public Safety City of Lancaster reduces crime by 42% over four years (ROI case study)
The city of Lancaster takes a predictive approach to policing, enhancing operational planning with deep insight into crime data and achieving an average of $1.34 million in cost savings.

Public Safety Turning the tide in Memphis by using data to help combat rising crime and sinking budgets
The Memphis Police Department saw a 28% reduction in serious crime and $7.2 million in cost savings with the help of SPSS predictive analytics.

Larry Godwin

Two-minute video

Larry Godwin, Deputy Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security, discusses how IBM predictive analytics helped the Memphis Police Department while he was the department’s Director of Police Services.

Webinar replay
(MP4, 74MB)

Listen in as Larry Godwin and members of the IBM predictive analytics team explain how the Memphis Police Department achieved an 863% return on their investment over six years, while reducing crime rates and spending.

Case study

Get the details on how IBM helped the Memphis Police Department keep ahead of criminals by finding the city’s “hot spots.”

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Infographic: Get to the scene before the crime

Infographic: Get to the scene before the crime

See how (JPG, 1.28MB) predictive analytics can help you cut crime rates and costs by letting you make more effective use of your resources.

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