Threat and Fraud Analytics

Monitor, detect and control risk

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Anticipate threats, risks and fraud before they impact your organization

Every day organizations face a multitude of threats. From data breaches, fraud and internal theft to public safety issues like crime and homeland security, there is a continuous struggle to distinguish between acceptable risks and dangerous vulnerabilities.

IBM SPSS solutions for threat and fraud analytics can help you predict when, where and how threats will impact your organization. They analyze all types of data sources to help you determine acceptable risk levels and create policies that reduce exposure and minimize loss.

IBM SPSS solutions for threat and fraud analytics provide the ability to:

What We Offer

  • Fraud Prevention

    Fraud Prevention

    Fraud prevention solutions from IBM can help organizations uncover fraud and take action before damages and loss occur.

  • Public Safety

    Public Safety Software

    Public safety software solutions from IBM help police departments and other public safety agencies analyze multiple data sources to monitor, measure and predict crime.

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