Predictive Maintenance

Maximize asset productivity, improve product or
component quality and increase operational performance

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Prevent asset failure, detect quality issues and improve operational processes

Predictive maintenance software solutions from IBM access multiple data sources in real time to predict asset failure or quality issues so your organization can avoid costly downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Driven by predictive analytics, these solutions detect even minor anomalies and failure patterns to determine the assets and operational processes that are at the greatest risk of problems or failure. This early identification of potential concerns helps you deploy limited resources more cost effectively, maximize equipment uptime and enhance quality and supply chain processes, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

Predictive maintenance solutions from IBM can help your organization:

By better understanding asset performance and product quality, organizations will also be able to:

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What We Offer

  • Operational Analytics

    Operational analytics

    Ensure your people, processes and assets are aligned and optimized to maximize productivity and profitability.

  • Process analytics

    Process analysis

    Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their business processes

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