Marketing performance analytics

Measure ROI and eliminate the guesswork from marketing programs

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Marketing performance analytics helps you deliver better results and bigger returns

Marketing performance analytics is an essential capability for executives who must measure and justify the impact of their marketing efforts on the bottom line. It helps CMOs demonstrate accountability through standardized metrics and KPIs, and accurately simulate the outcomes of new marketing strategies to optimize planning, budgeting and campaign execution.

Marketing performance analytics solutions from IBM can help your business:

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What we offer

  • Reports


    Deliver the results to the right people at the right time with customizable, easy-to-understand reports.

  • Dashboards


    View, interact with and personalize results with dashboards that support the unique way you analyze data and make decisions.

  • Collaboration


    Use collaboration and social networking capabilities to connect people and fuel the exchange of ideas.

  • Scorecards


    Use customized scorecards that capture your organization’s strategies to successfully monitor and track marketing results.

  • Predictive modeling

    Predictive analytics

    Use predictive models to confidently predict the outcome of your future marketing strategies and initiatives.

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