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IBM Business Analytics solutions for marketing

Learn more about how your organization can gain deep customer insight and improve marketing performance by visiting these IBM Business Analytics for marketing solution pages.

  • Customer Analytics

    Customer Analytics

    Customer analytics solutions from IBM helps marketers understand and anticipate what customers want. These solutions provide the ability to target the best customers for marketing programs, predict which customers are at-risk of leaving so you can retain them, and maximize customer lifetime value through personalized up-sell and cross-sell.

  • Market Risk Management

    Marketing Performance Analytics

    IBM Marketing Performance Analytics solutions give marketers the ability to measure ROI and eliminate the guesswork from marketing programs. Marketers rely on these solutions to access and analyze critical marketing metrics through customized reporting options such as dashboards, KPIs, and easy to understand visualizations.

  • IBM Social Media Analytics

    Social Media Analytics

    The IBM Social Media Analytics solution unlocks the value of customer sentiment in social media. Marketers use this solution to measure the social media impact of products, services, markets and campaigns – and use these insights to improve marketing programs and address customer satisfaction issues.

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