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Gain insights that drive smarter decisions and improve marketing outcomes.

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Marketing analytics solves the challenges facing today’s marketers

Marketing analytics provides marketers with the insights they need to gain superior results. It helps them understand which actions will build more profitable relationships with customers, how to generate better ROI from marketing programs, and how to transform the flood of social media data into successful marketing strategies. Marketing analytics helps marketers of all roles make smarter decisions and improve outcomes.

With IBM Business Analytics solutions for marketing you can:

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Who benefits from marketing analytics?

Marketing analytics helps improve business outcomes across the full spectrum of marketing roles and responsibilities including:

  • Marketing Operations

    Marketing Operations

    Measure marketing ROI and understand performance to improve productivity and achieve optimal allocation of marketing investments and resources for given revenue targets.

  • Marketing Research

    Marketing Research

    Gain deep customer insights to personalize customer interactions, grow lifetime value, predict what customers want and will do next and build more loyal and profitable customer relationships.

  • Brand Manager

    Brand Manager

    Gauge brand sentiment across social media and all channels to safeguard reputation, develop strategies to win and retain customers, improve marketing messages, influence product feature decisions and increase revenue.

  • IBM Predictive Customer Intelligence

    Demand Generation

    Attract and retain more valuable customers, anticipate customer needs and preferences, and maximize customer profitability through personalized cross-sell and up-sell strategies.

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