SPSS Analytic Catalyst

Making predictive analysis for big data more accessible

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Automatically uncover key insights and statistically interesting relationships from big data sets

IBM® SPSS® Analytic Catalyst uses the power of SPSS Analytics Server to help accelerate analytics by identifying key drivers from big data. It automates portions of data preparation, automatically interpreting results and presenting analyses in interactive visuals with plain language summaries. The result? Statistical analysis and discovery on big data are all more accessible to business users.

SPSS Analytic Catalyst offers the following features and benefits:

What we offer

  • SPSS Analytic Server

    SPSS Analytic Server

    Discover IBM® SPSS® Analytic Server, the IBM engine for predictive analytics on big data.

  • SPSS Modeler

    SPSS Modeler

    Build effective predictive models quickly and intuitively without the need for programming.

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