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Install and Develop Services

Properly installed and configured software is the cornerstone of a solid business analytics foundation. Our portfolio of Development services are delivered by experienced IBM professionals and can help you achieve a more reliable and stable solution as well as lower support costs. Our services will help drive efficiency, productivity, security and faster return on investment from your IBM business analytics solution.

Install & Configure

Improve and maintain the stability of your business analytics software with a fully documented and customized installation based on your technical requirements, including pre-installation conformance checks, configuration and essential tests.

Development Assistance

Our team of product experts will help you build the complete analytics environment from design and specification to application development, project management and integration of your IBM business analytics solution. Take advantage of the team’s in-depth knowledge of analytics products and applications when developing and deploying your solution.

Performance testing and tuning

Let our technical specialists rigorously test, tune and adjust your solution to help you improve performance and increase speed and stability.

For more information about our Install and Develop services for business analytics, please contact a representative.

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