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Proven implementation methodology for a step by step guidance to business analytics software

The IBM Business Analytics Solutions Implementation Method is designed to ensure successful and repeatable IBM Business Analytics deployments. The methodology is based on our experiences working with IBM customers worldwide and encompasses:

Because our method is enterprise-ready and scalable, it can produce successful outcomes for any size organization and help keep your implementation on schedule and budget.

BASIM - Business Analytics Solutions Implementation Method

The key to a successful software implementation is a well-organized and structured implementation methodology.

Business Analytics Solutions Implementation Method

The IBM Business Analytics Solutions Implementation Method (BASIM) is a complete development lifecycle that helps your organization:

BASIM - Five phases backed by IBM expertise

Our methodology provides a consistent framework that includes structured steps and development activities, clearly defined roles and responsibilities and proven practices learned from working with IBM customers. Under the direction of our technical experts and project managers, this proven five-step process enables you to implement new solutions quickly--and achieve rapid, measurable success.

Business Analytics Solutions Implementation Method

BASIM Roadmaps - Detailed roadmaps to guide you

We have developed product-specific roadmaps to take you through the entire implementation process. These roadmaps can help you to:

Download the implementation roadmaps.

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