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Scorecards for performance and strategy management

IBM® scorecarding and strategy management software helps you measure, monitor and communicate your progress toward strategic goals and performance milestones. You can add scorecards to business intelligence (BI) and performance management content to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and help your business stay on track. In addition, Wizards guide users through the scorecard design process and reduce the time spent on scorecard maintenance and updates.

IBM scorecard capabilities help you:

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What we offer

  • Balanced scorecard

    Balanced scorecard

    Adopt a balanced scorecard approach to identify and prioritize the full range of factors that drive performance.

  • Metrics


    Track your most important business and financial performance metrics with IBM scorecard software.

  • Business scorecard

    Business scorecard

    Automate the strategy management process and keep a closer eye on performance with business scorecard software.

  • KPI icon


    Use scorecards to monitor and manage key performance indicators (KPIs) to keep your business on track.

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