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Providing the dimensional views and navigation that help people interpret data more quickly

Responding to numerous requests to write reports that answer each business question can be a struggle for overloaded IT departments. The online analytical processing (OLAP) in IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence and Cognos TM1® software makes data available for users to explore, query and analyze on their own in interactive workspaces. Different OLAP options meet different needs while providing a consistent user experience and accelerated performance.

Cognos software provides OLAP capabilities for:

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What we offer

  • Cognos enterprise

    Cognos Business Intelligence

    BI and performance management software with OLAP capabilities for delivering data in interactive dashboards that enhance interpretation.

  • Cognos platform

    Cognos platform

    A platform that provides flexible OLAP options so that your interactive and self-service needs are met.

  • Cognos TM1

    Cognos TM1

    An OLAP solution for on-demand planning, budgeting, reporting, analysis and modeling.

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