Basel III

Basel committee reforms are driving banks towards smarter analytics

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Take an enterprise-wide approach to Basel III

Basel III solutions from IBM can help banks take a coordinated approach to managing risk capital and increasing risk-adjusted returns across the enterprise. IBM has been ranked as a category leader in risk management, with solutions that support efficient regulatory reporting, top-down optimization of strategies, and bottom-up execution through role specific interfaces.

IBM's Basel III solutions provide banks with:

What We Offer

  • Market Risk Management

    Market risk management

    Measure, manage and control capital market exposures across asset and liability functions

  • Liquidity Risk Management

    Liquidity risk management

    Support advanced risk calculations to handle sophisticated products, strengthen the balance sheet and address regulatory requirements

  • Credit Risk Management

    Credit risk management

    Price counterparty credit risk with CVA, enhance decision making, and maximize financial performance

  • Operational Risk Management

    Operational risk management

    Identify, manage, monitor, and analyze operational risk across the enterprise in a single integrated solution

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