Business Analytics

IBM ASL (Application Specific Licensing)/OEM Program for Business Analytics

IBM has one of the broadest sets of business analytics capabilities in the market.

IBM has one of the broadest sets of IBM Business Analytics capabilities in the market. IBM Cognos® software delivers a revolutionary new user experience with reporting, analysis, scorecarding and dashboards. It expands business intelligence capabilities with planning, scenario modeling, real-time monitoring and predictive analytics.

The full breath of Cognos IBM Business Analytics capabilities come together in a single unified workspace that enables users to see all time horizons, historical information, real-time and future information. This provides a complete perspective of their business so they can progressively interact with their information without needing technical support. Key information is available in either report or dashboard format and can easily be modified or new views and reports created. Built-in collaboration tools enable accelerated alignment among decision makers which can help a company make faster and improved decisions.

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Integrated Reporting and Analysis

Integrated reporting and analysis extends your application by allowing you to embed true analytical capabilities right within your application. Users never have to leave the application to get the information that is necessary for decision making, including context sensitive metrics, in-line analysis and operational reports. Users can choose from interactive visualizations that you provide or configure and create their own reports and visualizations. Even Software as a Service (SaaS) tenants can create their own types of analytics with intuitive, customized interfaces. Additionally, by leveraging IBM Cognos Business Intelligence reporting and analysis you can deliver actionable insight to all your users where they need it, when they need it and how they need it.

Open APIs to access the content allows you to put the necessary analytics at the users’ finger tips. This enables your application to drive better decisions by front-line and management workers. Helping software providers deliver smarter applications that fuel growth and increase customer satisfaction, this is what we do at IBM.

Dashboards and Scorecarding

Dashboards and scorecarding capabilities provide one of the best ways to showcase the value of your solution to influential managers and executives. Rolling the data up into key performance indicators can help you monitor and trend the impact of your application on your customers’ business. IBM Cognos software provides interactive dashboards and simplified creation for users to customize their view of the business. Scorecarding helps your customers track performance targets and industry and peer benchmarks.

Cognos Finacial Statement Reporting (FSR):

IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting (FSR) helps your customers automate and enhance controls over management reporting and external financial reports and disclosures to help reduce risk while improving efficiency.

With Cognos FSR your customers can automate “the last mile of finance” which is the process to creating external financial reports like SEC 10-K, 10-Q and XBRL tagged disclosures, including internal management reports and narrative analysis. Creating these reports is a time-consuming, labor intensive process that exposes your customers to the risk of late filings, inside leaks, restatements and noncompliance. With Cognos FSR, you can help minimize the risk for your customers by providing a solution that allows them to create financial statements, including XBRL and IFRS, in a controlled environment, using a workflow collaboration process that is auditable, and has visibility and transparency.

What-if Analysis and Planning

Your customers make strategic and tactical decisions ever day. Analyzing historical performance, modeling new business scenarios, planning and forecasting, and visualizing impact is critical in making optimal decisions. With IBM Performance Management you can help your customers guide their management strategy in the most profitable directions with reliable insights, scenario modeling, planing and forecasting.

Leveraging IBM Performance Management capabilities will help customers who need to:

Predictive Analytics

IBM Predictive Analytics is the next evolution of Cognos Business Intelligence that allows you to optimize operations by mining historical data to predict future events.

Bringing this predictive capability into your application’s business processes can improve all types of decisions that effect:

IBM Predictive Analytics is driving some of the biggest ROI in IBM Business Analytics. Help your customers take advantage of this ROI by leveraging IBM Predictive Analytics in your solution.


IBM Business Intelligence software provides built-in collaboration and social networking capabilities for your customers to fuel the exchange of ideas and knowledge that naturally occurs in decision-making processes. This can help your customers make better decisions, elevate the value of your application and expand its breadth by reaching whole new communities of users.


As an ISV or SaaS vendor concerned with expanding the reach of your software, it is imperative that you provide your customers with access to their data and information whenever and wherever they need it. With IBM Cognos Mobile your users can receive fully interactive Cognos Business Intelligence reports, dashboards, metrics and analysis without any additional re-authoring, all in a secure environment. This allows them to have the information they need to make responsive and informed decisions regardless of where they are.

Microsoft® Office

Cognos for Microsoft® Office increases the reach of your IBM Business Intelligence content to Microsoft® Office applications, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Cognos for Microsoft® Office enables your customers to work with data from within the familiar Microsoft® Office environment, while at the same time addressing IT concerns by applying a consistent security-rich environment for your IBM Business Intelligence data. Plus, it extends the value of business intelligence by enabling your customers to access their trusted corporate information in a way that is relevant to their work.