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End-to-end risk mitigation and management

IBM OpenPages Advisory Services

IBM Business Analytics Software Services for OpenPages applies the EDM methodology to every project stage. Combining resident expertise in IBM OpenPages solutions with industry-side risk management know-how, our IBM OpenPages technical experts helps make early-stage decisions that have a lasting, positive impact on your end-state vision.

Create an Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Strategy
We understand that your organization may need to embrace enterprise-wide risk management by first solving your most pressing challenge and quickly demonstrating value. An early technical infrastructure review helps to ensure your environment scales with increased usage. Whether we start by managing compliance, technology, operational or strategic performance risks, we help to ensure the groundwork is in place to support incremental capabilities that extends the value of your IBM OpenPages solution.

Define Risk Methodologies That Support Your Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Program
IBM OpenPages Software Services take business leaders through a discovery process to define the current risk management state (“as is”) and the end-state enterprise-wide framework (“to be”). Then deliver the blueprint that guides the process in a phased, integrated approach. Based on specific business needs, we help choose the risk methodologies that support the sustainable, risk-based governance practice that lead to successful Governance Risk and Compliance.

Achieve Integrated Risk Management for a Competitive Advantage
Through consideration and collaboration with IBM OpenPages technical experts, our customers now have the decision support framework to make risk-intelligent decisions and actively manage risk to achieve competitive advantage. We commit to helping our customers achieve the goals set as they deploy IBM OpenPages solutions for enhanced business value.

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