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OpenPages Platform Services: Workflow

OpenPages workflow technology automates GRC processes, enabling companies to focus their resources on the gray areas of business where critical human decision making is required. For those areas that lend themselves to business rules, automation can help deliver additional value by optimizing the flow of risk and compliance activities.

OpenPages workflow supports:

Key Benefits of OpenPages Workflow
Increased efficiency Minimize time to action and route out bottlenecks that prevent companies from delivering mission critical decision support and reporting. Regulatory requirements can be met in a timely manner while fostering the dissemination of business process and best practices across the enterprise.
Precise actions Enable line of business managers to hone their efforts on tasks that require human intervention and leave other tasks to business rules automation. Escalations, conditional routing, and notifications all add to the power of an integrated GRC platform that helps focus individual contributions to risk and compliance activities.
Computed Fields Let users expand the native analytic capabilities of OpenPages through the addition of ad hoc fields that support complex data modeling and analysis.
Process improvement Reduce manual operation errors and time to completion, lower operating costs, and facilitate change management improvements through effective deployment of workflow solutions.