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OpenPages Platform Services: Security and access control

OpenPages delivers a highly configurable, flexible, and secure access control and security model to ensure that risk data is seen only by the right people, in the right context, at the right time.

OpenPages reporting leverages Cognos Business Intelligence, dashboarding, and Mashup Services to offer executives and line of business managers next-generation risk and compliance information at their fingertips. Over 75 included report templates provide a starting point for any business to seamlessly create a scalable and easily manageable reporting infrastructure with minimal effort. Additional features - such as in-context data and support for multiple output formats and devices - ensure that organizations are prepared to meet challenges as they arise.

OpenPages security and access control supports:

Key Benefits of OpenPages Security and Access Control
Flexibility Configure the software to match the specific demands of your organization, not the other way around.
Efficiency Streamline the relevant information seen by various personnel, making their jobs easier.
Peace of Mind Rest assured that audit data and other confidential information is safely hidden away from the rest of the business.