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OpenPages Platform Services: Configuration

OpenPages configuration allows companies to deploy their specific risk management methodologies and tailor the solution for specific roles and responsibilities, without the use of custom code. This capability radically lowers deployment and total ownership costs. OpenPages provides a level of configuration that is unmatched in the industry.

OpenPages’ metadata-driven application framework can support a variety of roles and responsibilities on a single technology platform. For instance, OpenPages can provide an Operational Risk Manager and a Compliance Manager with different, role-specific, views for the same risk. In other words, the risk can be viewed from the compliance perspective (as it relates to a particular regulatory mandate) and also from the operational risk perspective (its potential impact on a key business process).

OpenPages’ configuration capabilities make the solution easier to deploy. Objects, fields, drop down menus, and most application visible elements can all be configured through the user interface, eliminating the need to hard code data elements that can cause problems as methodologies evolve. Furthermore, once the solution is deployed, OpenPages can adapt to the changing risk landscape as new companies are acquired or as business focus evolves.

Key benefits of OpenPages configuration