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OpenPages Platform Services: Analytics

AnalyticsOpenPages provides advanced analytics capabilities in the form of scenario (what-if) analysis, multidimensional analysis, computed fields, capital modeling, and more, allowing organizations to accurately predict loss events and other eventualities that have an impact on business performance.

OpenPages analytics leverages Cognos Business Intelligence and SPSS, IBM’s predictive analytics software, to provide businesses with the ability to uncover unexpected patterns, trends, and associations from their risk and compliance data. This empowers them the knowledge and foresight to act with confidence to minimize risk.

Key Features of OpenPages Analytics
Scenario Analysis Enables the adoption of a predictive approach to managing risk. Leads to quicker identification and remediation of problem areas.
Analysis Studio Provides managers and analysts with sophisticated multidimensional analysis capabilities through Cognos BI Analysis - enabling the interactive exploration of cross-departmental information.
Computer Fields Let users expand the native analytic capabilities of OpenPages through the addition of ad hoc fields that support complex data modeling and analysis.
Capital Modeling Leverages capital modeling engines and uses the Monte Carlo method and other advanced techniques to help organizations discover how to allocate capital more efficiently to protect themselves from the increasing complexity of financial risk and global compliance demands.