Analytics for Manufacturing

Improve visibility and management of sales, operations, supply chain and finance

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IBM Business Analytics solutions for Manufacturers


Sales and operations planning

Optimize global operations by using analytics to align the production of goods with strategic goals, forecast demand and reconcile with sales, supply chain and production plans.


Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance solutions from IBM can predict when and where equipments failures are likely to occur, avoiding unanticipated equipment downtime and reducing maintenance costs.


Demand planning and customer analytics

Drive revenue growth, increase competitiveness and improve customer loyalty by better understanding end client needs and quickly getting products to market.


Smarter supply chains

Improve decision making with end-to-end supply chain visibility and integrated strategic planning.


Streamline sales compensation processes

Manage incentive compensation and channel management, reduce errors and overpayments, communicate plan agreements, reduce payment errors, and streamline compensation cycles.


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