SPSS for Nonprofits

Using predictive analytics to help meet program and fundraising targets

Take advantage of the data you’ve already got

Keeping a nonprofit organization on target can be tougher than ever. For example, research for 2012 shows that for every $100 gained in new gifts, $96 was lost in lapsed gifts. And for every 100 donors gained, 105 were lost through attrition.

Predictive analytics solutions can help you meet fundraising and program improvement targets—using data you’ve already got on hand. It allowed a U.K. youth services organization to focus its limited resources on helping identify those 732 young people who were most at risk for being either unemployed or left out of education and training programs. And once indentified, 52 percent of those individuals had positive outcomes. Predictive analytics also helped UNICEF Netherlands boost door-to-door campaign response rates by 250 percent and increase donations by 100 percent.

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