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Governments at every level are struggling to provide high-quality services despite fewer resources, while facing increasing crime and terrorism, aging infrastructures, and citizen demands for transparency and accountability. IBM Business Analytics solutions for governments help departments define and achieve their strategic goals, and ensure resources are used effectively. 

Crime prediction and prevention

Law enforcement agencies are experiencing information overload. IBM Crime Prediction and Prevention solutions can help organizations reduce crime with a forward-looking approach that uses predictive analytics to uncover hidden insights in their data.

Learn how to prevent crimes before they happen.

Juvenile justice

Juvenile detention is a critical issue from a social and economic perspective. The costs to imprison youth are on the rise, and agencies are seeking new methods to help offenders achieve positive outcomes and avoid repeat offenses. IBM Predictive Analytics allows agencies to develop accurate risk assessments at an individual level and apply correct intervention and rehabilitation methods at the right time for the right person.

The Intelligent Outcome Management Analytics (IOMA) solution accelerator helps agencies improve youth outcomes through a combination of predictive analytics technology and outcome planning capabilities.

Find out how to achieve better juvenile justice outcomes


IBM Predictive Program Evaluation to Reduce Recidivism solutions can help you lower recidivism rates and increase public safety by capturing recidivism statistics, evaluating current programs and predicting which criminals will respond best to a specific program.

Learn more about the benefits of public safety solutions.

Threat and fraud

IBM Threat and Fraud Analytics solutions help organizations identify and respond to potentially harmful events before they occur. These solutions combine business intelligence, data mining, advanced data analysis, decision management and deployment technologies, enabling businesses and government agencies to detect unusual patterns or behavior in their data and take the best preventive action.

Explore solutions to help you reduce threat and fraud.

Health and human services

Access to health and social services can improve outcomes for citizens everywhere. Government agencies are increasingly looking for ways to improve the quality and delivery of these vital services while reducing costs. IBM predictive analytics solutions help agencies uncover insights hidden in their data, enabling them to:

Discover how to improve service quality while reducing costs

Predictive maintenance

Governments are continuing to focus on improving collaboration and doing more with less. As vast amounts of data become available and affordable, governments can utilize predictive analytics solutions to improve their infrastructure, optimize capital planning decisions and prepare themselves for unexpected events, all while balancing constrained budgets and limited resources. IBM’s Predictive Maintenance and Quality solution can help governments:

Learn how to maximize productivity, quality and performance

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