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IBM Business Analytics User Group
10 Reasons Why You Should Join!

1. Share your story and educate others
User groups are a great way to share your experiences and best practices. You may have learned from someone else at one meeting. Why not give back and share your knowledge with others by presenting, or adding your best practice tips to the online community.

2. Learn about opportunities
Learn about upcoming events, webinars, products news, and even job opportunities through the user group network. Announcements made at on site meetings, postings on the online community . . . all great benefits from belonging to a user group.

3. Make professional contacts
Build your personal and professional network. Meet people who can help you advance to the next stage in your career. Build long lasting relationships. User groups are an excellent opportunity to network with people from all different types of industries, levels and groups.

4. Save time
Why wait for an answer from support? Tap into your network to get an answer quick. Throw the question out during the Q&A at an event, or add it to the discussion board on the online community.

5. Find local help
Make connections in your local community. Connect with someone from another company or a business partner. There's nothing better than meeting people directly in your community to help you with a problem or to provide some advice.

6. Find other Champions
You may be a champion at your own organization. Meet other champions and share your best tips with others who want to learn from your success by hosting a meeting or posting to the online community. Offer others a chance to achieve what you've been able to do.

7. Meet IBM Experts
User Groups are an excellent opportunity to connect with leading product experts and members from the IBM business analytics community. IBM experts attend meetings to present and answer questions from users. Use this opportunity to make a direct connection.

8. Meet Friends
Meet people who share your interests and passions. Share your story and experiences with others. Meet up at local groups, each others' work sites, via the online community or at other events.

9. Get support and enhance your skills
Do you have questions? Users at the groups can help you with answers and get you connected with a wide network of experts.

10. It's fun!
Being a member of a user group provides a new level of fun that you can't have on your own. Get out, get online and meet other people. Share ideas and connect with like minded people.

Here's what some user group members say:
"As a user of the tools and software I find the New England Cognos User Group (NECUG) to be a valuable resource. Content that is presented at meetings are a direct result of feedback we receive from users at previous meetings, so it is truly user driven. NECUG has also provided me the chance to meet so many different people from organizations throughout New England. Business relationships and friendships have been formed over the years, and it is great to see so many familiar faces at each meeting. If there wasn’t an IBM Business Analytics user group already in my area, I would definitely get involved in establishing one."
- Jeff Guevin, Martin’s Point Health Care, Advisory Board Member NECUG

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