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IBM Business Analytics Users' Groups Online Community

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The IBM Business Analytics User Group Online Community has been created to provide users from global locations an opportunity to share, collaborate and connect with each other virtually. The online community offers users multiple ways to connect using the tools offered on the community, such as activity updates, file sharing, and feeds. Anyone can join today.

The community is designed for users to participate whenever they can, and connect with others they may not have the opportunity to meet locally. While some members have access to local user group meetings and networking opportunities, others who don't will find value out of using the online community to connect with other users. Community access is public and open to anyone who is a user of IBM's Business Analytics software, business partner, or is interested in learning more about business analytics.

The online community is an open forum for sharing new ideas & best practices, starting discussions, and locating experts. The community is not a forum for selling product or services, so please refrain from posting this type of information as we need to restrict this use to be purely for its original goals. If a posting is not appropriate, the community owners will delete the item.

Here's an idea of what you'll find on the community:

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