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IBM Cognos® software for business intelligence (BI) and enterprise performance management integrates readily with your Oracle software and systems to take you from data to insight to action. Seamless reporting, analysis, scorecards, dashboards and planning capabilities, all in a unified user experience, help you uncover hidden relationships, spot key trends and more easily understand information in an Oracle environment. The result? Confident decisions that drive your business forward.

When you combine Cognos software for BI and enterprise performance management with your Oracle solutions, you can:

What We Offer

  • IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence

    Cognos Business Intelligence

    Access Oracle data sources quickly with an integrated BI and performance management solution designed for deeper business understanding and confident action.

  • Cognos TM1

    IBM Cognos TM1®

    On-demand analysis, scenario modeling and collaborative planning and forecasting processes extend and complement the transactional operations of ERP solutions such as Oracle General Ledger.

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