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Cognos software solutions

  • IBM Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence and advanced analytics provide the edge in extracting insights from data - to identify risk and capitalize on opportunities.


Comprehensive query and reporting


Corporate performance at a glance


Metrics for monitoring performance


Trends and patterns at your fingertips


Collective wisdom and BI

Mobile business intelligence

BI for people on the go

Real-time monitoring

Operational performance at a glance

Advanced visualization

Your data brought to life

Planning, budgeting and forecasting

Financial performance management software

Profitability modeling and analysis

Profitability of products, customers and channels

Financial close, and regulatory and management reporting

Financial close and streamlined report assembly

Enterprise disclosure management

Automated financial reports and disclosures

Sales performance management

Improve sales results and operational efficiencies

  • Watson Analytics

    Watson Analytics

    Find the drivers that matter most to your business, all from the cloud.

  • Solutions for your IT environment

    Solutions for your IT environment

    Cognos software accesses your IBM data sources and runs on major IBM platforms to help your business get the consistent data it needs. Also, Cognos software provides native interfaces to major ERP systems for fast access.

  • Midmarket solutions

    Midmarket solutions

    Find business intelligence and performance management software sized and priced to meet the needs of your midsize organization.

  • Industry Analytic Solutions

    Industry Analytic Solutions

    Get up and running with analytics and act on insights from predictive analytics, data preparation, and interfaces tailor-made for specific industry use cases.

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