Accelerated External Reporting

Accelerated External Reporting Solution

The IBM Accelerated External Reporting Solution offering (IBM AER Solution) provides end-to-end tax and statutory reporting in one holistic solution. It automates the collection of data for tax reporting and GAAP to IFRS mapping, and streamlines the procedures needed to produce external financial statements and meet other essential reporting requirements. The IBM AER Solution combines the capabilities of existing IBM Cognos technologies—IBM Cognos TM1, IBM Cognos Disclosure Management and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence—to provide a sustainable process that optimizes tax and external reporting and overcomes operational inefficiencies.

The IBM AER Solution brings together capabilities for data collection, analytic data management, review and approval, and disclosure preparation and distribution. It enables the finance teams to:

In addition, the IBM AER Solution may be linked to an IBM DB2 data warehouse to enable visibility into underlying data for greater transparency in the tax and multiple GAAP mapping process.

What we offer

  • Purchase Analysis

    Cognos TM1

    On-demand planning, budgeting, reporting, analysis and modeling.

  • Prioritized Collection

    Cognos Disclosure Management

    Reporting and process automation for finance in a controlled, auditable environment.

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