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Cognos platform features

The Cognos platform has a number of features that are designed to ease administration and deployment, enhance performance, enable scalability and reduce the complexity of your BI environment.

Demo: Dynamic query analysis with the Cognos platform

Dynamic query analysis with the Cognos platform

See how you can access query logs and run reports from a single environment to gather the information you need for optimization.

Features for data access, optimized queries and application management

Here's a look at some of the key features of the Cognos platform.

Dynamic query

Dynamic query uses the Java-based extensible query engine in the Cognos platform to execute reports and analysis. It retains result sets and metadata captured from optimized queries to relational and OLAP data sources in a 64-bit, in-memory cache. It can reuse these result sets and metadata to minimize the wait times for future requests.

Dynamic cubes

Dynamic cubes extend Dynamic Query in-memory acceleration to drive performance for dimensional analysis, using Cognos Cube Designer to create a cube definition from a relational data warehouse. Dynamic cubes help you optimize the value of enterprise data warehouses, which often have exploding data volumes.

Cognos Framework Manager

Cognos Framework Manager is a modeling tool that combines data from multiple sources into a unified view. Data professionals can view current and historic data together as one for easier queries.

Cognos Administration

Cognos Administration is a central console for managing system resources and monitoring the status of services and user activities. Administrators can view scheduled activities, resolve potential processing issues, manage data sources and packages, and accomplish other tasks to maximize performance and availability.

Cognos Lifecycle Manager

Cognos Lifecycle Manager is a tool used for validating report content when introducing a change to your environment. IT can create benchmark projects to help reduce the effort of validating the impact of changes to your environment.

Cognos Dynamic Query Analyzer

Cognos Dynamic Query Analyzer uses graphics to show administrators how a dynamic query was generated to help with maintenance and troubleshooting. Cognos Aggregate Advisor, which is included in Cognos Dynamic Query Analyzer, recommends aggregates that can be created in database or in-memory. In-memory aggregates can be automatically created when a dynamic cube restarts. No re-authoring or re-modeling is needed.

Cognos SDK and Cognos Mashup Service

Cognos SDK helps developers create simple utility and full-scale, highly complex custom applications. You can automate repetitive tasks, such as scheduling large numbers of reports or changing permissions. Cognos Mashup Service embeds Cognos Business Intelligence content into other applications and is part of Cognos SDK.

Cognos PowerCubes

Cognos PowerCubes contain calculated and aggregated data that is organized as dimensions and measures. Easier and faster access to precalculated summary data enables quick analysis.

Cognos Transformer

You can build and deliver Cognos PowerCubes with Cognos Transformer, which can help accelerate analytics of data sources such as transactional systems. The architecture enables resulting PowerCubes to be accessed by any Cognos interface.

Cognos Data Manager

You can use Cognos Data Manager to move data into an optimal state for analytics, with a dimensional focus to help business users make sense of the data. Its dimensional framework can automate the management of a number of data challenges including slowly changing dimensions, late arriving facts, surrogate keys and others.

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