Cognos Active Report

Access and interact with reports offline

Why Cognos Active Report?

IBM Cognos® Active Report provides an interactive analytics experience in a self-contained Cognos Business Intelligence application for browsing and exploring data offline. Report authors can build reports targeted to users needs, keeping the user experience simple and engaging. Mobile workers can take their data with them to discover opportunities and analyze trends even when they are nowhere near a network.

Cognos Active Report

See how to access interactive reports and dashboards offline.

Go anywhere, do anything

Explore information without having to rely on online connectivity. Access the business intelligence you need while offline for uninterrupted productivity. Provide business intelligence to individuals regardless of their location, situation or connectivity.

BI you can take with you

With Cognos Active Report, you get truly portable business intelligence. You can fully interact with dashboards and reports online or off—on mobile devices, tablets and notebook computers.

Deliver BI whenever and wherever it is needed

With Cognos Active Report, you can deliver BI to a broad set of users quickly. Professional report authors create interactive report applications that can be easily burst, scheduled, sent in an email or picked up by individuals from a private website.

Offline analytics made easy

No training or authoring skills are necessary to view the interactive report or dashboard. Persistent connectivity is no longer required for obtaining and viewing key business intelligence data.

Extensible Visualization

Your business isn’t static. Your library of visualizations shouldn't be, either. With extensible visualization, you have access to a growing collection of customizable visualizations. Simply download them into Cognos Active Report.

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