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Novice: Where future masters are born

At this first level, individuals or teams analyze their own data, typically using spreadsheets or basic query tools. Here, knowledge workers have only a limited historical view into past performance and must rely in large part on “gut feel” to make decisions about current or future performance.
It’s at this early stage that that the negative effects of rudimentary or incomplete analytics are most acutely felt, as outcomes are often hampered by inefficiencies, delays, miscommunication and the pain of missed opportunities. Any one of these impediments can serve as the necessary “burning platform” that drives organizations to take their first step toward a higher AQ.
As challenging as the Novice stage is to operate in, the good news is that it’s also the easiest one to get out of. Every customer begins their business analytics journey here and the path leading to the Builder stage is both well-worn and well-marked.

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