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What's your AQ?

What is your AQ?

See how IBM clients are already using business
analytics to drive better business outcomes.

It's a fact: analytics-driven organizations outperform their peers. Find out how well you're using analytics - and what to do next.

We call it your "Analytics Quotient," or "AQ." It measures how ready you are to apply insight to your strategy and tactics; how quickly you can re-allocate resources and re-orient your people to make better decisions; and how effectively you can act, based on how well you know your past performance, current results and future possibilities.

It's simple: The more you embrace analytics, the higher your AQ score. A higher AQ indicates that your organization has the potential to achieve improved outcomes.

Take the AQ Quiz

The AQ quiz is quick, easy, and free. It gives you a score that shows your organization’s stage in your analytics journey, as described in the AQ Maturity Model. Once you know this, you can find specific guidance, tools and web resources to help you advance. The four stages in the AQ Maturity Model are:

Novice: Individuals or teams analyze their own data, typically using spreadsheets or basic query tools.

Builder: Teams within a department operate more collaboratively in analyzing data, and also do some forecasting and trend analysis.

Leader: Analytics can be carried out on data drawn from multiple systems, and VP-level support enables organizations to define operational and financial metrics for analytics across departmental lines.

Master: Data-driven decision-making is pervasive, and the organization can set top-down goals and allocate resources based on real-time insight into shifting operational and market dynamics.

To get even greater benefits from analytics, we recommend setting up an Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE). Learn more about how to take this step.

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