Algorithmics Economic Capital, ERM and Solvency II

Designed to help insurers achieve regulatory compliance and superior business performance

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IBM Algorithmics Economic Capital, Enterprise Risk Management and Solvency II supports the development of an internal model and/or a Standard Formula approach.* It is designed to meet the needs of all insurers, with each of its editions offering an end-to-end covering risk analytics, governance and reporting, along with the opportunity to move between editions to scale up to more powerful and complex analytics. A “best practice” solution for regulatory compliance and superior business performance built working with leading insurers, it is pre-configured to help to lower project risk, control costs and give insurers more confidence about meeting regulatory deadlines.

Insurance Risk Awards 2014 Winner

IBM offers two editions of the Algorithmics Economic Capital, ERM and Solvency II solution. These editions provide a comprehensive ERM solution to help insurers address the challenges of risk based solvency regimes like Solvency II and RMORSA as these become more prevalent around the world. The solution brings together IBM products which are either pre-configured in a particular edition or can be introduced as dictated by a firm's needs:

  • Algo Risk

    Algo Risk

    Offers your firm an advanced risk analytics engine for calculating economic and regulatory capital, and enterprise-wide risk management, with business intelligence tools.

  • Algo Credit Exposure

    Algo Credit Exposure

    Gives you advanced risk analytics to measure and actively manage credit risk.

  • Actuarial and Financial Modeling

    Algo Financial Modeler

    Enables advanced actuarial and financial modeling.

*As defined by EIOPA in respect of Solvency II in Europe.

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