Hybrid Deployment Options for Financial Risk Professionals

Choose the deployment – on-premise, on-cloud, or both – for your needs

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New technologies open new deployment options and opportunities

Buy-side firms seeking advanced risk analytics have traditionally been limited to a choice between two types of deployments: an on-premise deployment, with installed in-house software, or an on-cloud deployment, hosted through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

Today, IBM innovation in cloud-based technologies is opening a broader array of deployment options to help you better meet your portfolio construction and risk management needs. Hybrid Deployment Options for Financial Risk Professionals from IBM can help you tailor financial risk systems to your specific business model.

Hybrid Deployment Options for Financial Risk Professionals features a user friendly, scalable, efficient infrastructure. This infrastructure enables you to install a risk software solution on-premise and thereby protect your market IP and address any local regulatory requirements for data protection while, at the same time, helping you reduce the overall costs of ownership by outsourcing computationally intensive processing on-cloud.

The hybrid deployment model can especially benefit financial institutions dealing with capital markets risk, including hedge funds, asset managers, wealth managers, insurers managing their own assets, and pension funds with defined benefit plans. This model is based on a componentized architecture that is aligned with the key steps of the transformation from “raw data to risk insight”.

Risk analytics value chain

Key stages in the “raw data – risk insight” transformation process:

  1. Data collection, management and enrichment
  2. Scenario generation
  3. Simulation
  4. Aggregation
  5. Reporting

Componentizing these steps provides you with a continuum of deployment choices and the flexibility to decide what you outsource to the cloud and what to keep in-house.

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