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Attention: All Algo Assist Customers and Business Partners

Changes to IBM Algo Assist Support

World Wide Technical Support for Algo Assist customers and Business Partners transitioned to standard IBM Support tools and processes on December 9, 2013. 

As of December 9, 2013 IBM Algo Assist clients can leverage IBM’s phone and electronic methods to contact Technical Support. IBM’s Service Request Tool is available to open Problem Management Reports (PMRs) electronically along with new phone numbers to contact Algo Assist Technical Support. They replace the Algo Assist application and the existing Algo Assist email addresses for getting technical support. For your reference, the IBM Support Handbook is an excellent resource to help clients and partners work more effectively with IBM.

By now, your organization should have received IBM Welcome Letters and emails. An explanation of this communication is found below. These welcome letters would have been sent to your organization's Primary Contact and Site Technical Contact (STC). Information such as your IBM Customer Number (ICN), instructions on how to register for an IBM Web ID and associate it to your ICN, and instructions for how your STC can enable others within your organization to open PMRs was included. For more information on IBM’s eSupport initiatives, please refer to

Important Customer Communication Now Available

Continuing Business with IBM - Explanation of Welcome Letter Emails

IBM BA Software Subscription & Support - Learn More

Doing Business with IBM Guide for Algorithmics Customers

Register for your IBM Web ID and associate it to your ICN​


Technical Support


Escalation Process

Escalation procedures are available in the IBM Support Handbook.

The following changes took effect on December 9, 2013

  • The Algo Assist web site that hosts Technical Support documentation, knowledge articles, FAQ’s, etc transitioned to
  • Access methods have changed: The Algo Assist Portal was disabled.  To open a new PMR with IBM Algo Assist Technical Support electronically, use IBM's Service Request Tool.
  • To reach IBM Algo Assist Technical Support by phone in North America, call 1-800-IBM-SERV (1-800-426-7378). Outside of North America, refer to
  • IBM Technical Support will be provided in accordance to the IBM Support Handbook.
  • To download Patches, Fixes or Fix Packs, use your IBM Web ID to login to Fix Central.


The IBM Algo Assist Technical Support team will continue to focus on delivering customer satisfaction without compromise. For the most current information on the Algo Technical Support transition to IBM, please check back to this page.


Additional FAQ’s and Information

What products does AlgoAssist support?

AlgoAssist provides support for the following products:

  • IBM Algo Integrated Reporting Manager
  • IBM Algo One ALM
  • IBM Algo One Buy Side
  • IBM Algo One Counterparty Credit Risk
  • IBM Algo One Credit Economic Capital
  • IBM Algo One Credit Regulatory Capital
  • IBM Algo One ECAP / Solvency II
  • IBM Algo One Liquidity Risk
  • IBM Algo One Market Risk
  • IBM Algorithmics Collateral
  • IBM Algorithmics Credit Manager
  • IBM Algorithmics Strategic Business Planning
  • IBM Quantitative Reporting for Solvency II


How do you open a Support case with AlgoAssist?

Open a Support Case using the AlgoAssist Portal: AlgoAssist Portal or E-mail.

Preferred method is via the AlgoAssist portal.

If you don't have an existing account please send an e-mail to asking for a new account to be created. You will need to provide your telephone number, full name and preferred company e-mail address.

Note: On December 9, 2013 the Algo Assist Portal will no longer be in use.  Use IBM's Service Request Tool to open a new request or check on an existing case.  Your open cases in AlgoAssist will be migrated to IBM Support systems.  At transition, if you are not authorized to open a new case on IBM’s Service Request Tool, you can reach out to your Site Technical Contact within your organization or contact the SR Help Desk.


Password Resets & Problems with the AlgoAssist Portal

If you would like your AlgoAssist Portal account password reset or experience any problems when using the AlgoAssist portal, open a new service request via the AlgoAssist portal or send a e-mail to

Note: As of December 9, 2013 you will no longer be able to access the Algo Assist Portal.


How do I get access to the documentation?

As of December 9, 2013 clients can use IBM's Service Request Tool to request to product documentation packages.  You will need to authenticate with your IBM ID and IBM Customer Number (ICN) in order to access the Service Request Tool.  Algo infocenters will no longer be available.  A local infocenter is available on the IBM Algo One 5.0 documentation DVD.


How do I get patches and fix packs?

IBM’s Fix Central site is available to download patches, fixes and fixpacks.  If you do not see the fix you are looking for, open a PMR with Support via the Service Request Tool.


How do I get access to the latest release of Risk Analytics software?

You can download the latest software release via Passport Advantage.


What does Passport Advantage offer?

  • Customers/Partners that have purchased IBM Software have 24x7 access to Software downloads and the ability to set user preferences to see only those downloads of interest to them.  Additional download finder options are also available.
  • Manage access to Software and services online provides you with the flexibility to grant access to an unlimited number of users.
  • Software services customers can view and accept terms and conditions for their programs.

How do I get access to the Passport Advantage?

You will need  to create an account. To do this you will need your ICN (IBM Customer Number) and Site Number.

All IBM agreements include an IBM Customer Number (ICN) and Site Number.  These numbers correspond to your agreement and are used to access many services included in your agreement.

Site Numbers are used to access online content, including:

  • Software downloads
  • Transaction and Proof of Entitlement documentation

The ICN is an identifier of your organization.

The Site Number is an identifier of a site within an organization.

A single ICN can have a single or many Site Numbers.


Still have further questions with regards to Passport Advantage Online?

Please contact or consider downloading and reviewing the client experience webinar found on the customer center webinar page.

Should you have any questions regarding support processes or the support integration to IBM, please e-mail for further assistance.