Algorithmics Credit Lifecycle Management

Optimize credit management, decision-making and operational efficiency across business lines

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Algorithmics Credit Lifecycle Management offers banks a comprehensive solution for the consistent initiation, monitoring and control of credit throughout the credit lifecycle. The solution provides the advanced capability to consolidate information into a single view from disparate credit systems enterprise-wide. Its business intelligence tools enable more risk-informed decision making, with coverage of virtually every type of credit exposure across both the banking and trading book, supporting both operational efficiency and long-term strategic planning.

Algorithmics Credit Lifecycle Management enables banks to optimize transparency and operational efficiency across both the banking and capital markets business lines. This comprehensive solution includes the following IBM credit management technology as an integral component:

  • Algo Credit Manager

    Algo Credit Manager

    Enables risk-informed decision making at all stages of the credit process — from origination, renewal and approvals, and monitoring of exposure, conditions and covenants, to workouts and recovery. It offers banks enhanced performance monitoring and credit decision support for better management of customer relationships and the overall credit portfolio.

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