Algorithmics Balance Sheet Risk Management

Enhance strategic decision making with scenario-based risk and data management

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Algorithmics Balance Sheet Risk Management offers banks strategic decision support within a scenario-based and profit/loss-focused risk management solution. It enables more effective measurement and control of risks associated with market risk, credit risk and liquidity risk, taking into account a firm’s full range of assets, liabilities and off-balance-sheet items. With support for compliance with Basel III, the Balance Sheet Risk Management solution enhances a bank’s ability to respond to market changes and to optimize long-term growth potential.

Algorithmics Balance Sheet Risk Management brings together the following IBM products with an integrated, Web-based reporting interface, facilitating a comprehensive and holistic overview of balance sheet risk:

  • Algo Asset Liability Management

    Algo One Asset Liability Management

    Helps banks and financial institutions identify opportunities for profit and concentrations of risk across the balance sheet.

  • Algo Liquidity Risk

    Algo Liquidity Risk

    Enables banks to more effectively manage and maintain liquidity, with extensive product coverage and stochastic, scenario-based simulation capability to help meet regulatory compliance objectives.

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